Specialties Overview

Expert advice!

Don’t know what’s right for you? At Blu-Zone, our skilled team is here to guide you step by step. Our team is encouraged to learn your products and markets in order to help you determine the best material and style in a cost efficient way. Blu-Zone also offers logistics solutions to meet your deadline. From packaging consulting, product development to product delivery, your worry-free journey starts with Blu-Zone Packaging.

Packaging Consulting |

Our professional knowledge in packaging industry would greatly help you in choosing the RIGHT material and style within your budget for your products.

Packaging Product Development |

At Blu-Zone, we understand your market, business situation and will work with you to manage the manufacturing cost throughout the project. Whether it’s new product or simply updating your current product into the current trend, we’ll walk you through it!

Logistics |

International or domestic, air or ocean, Blu-Zone will take care of all the shipping and handling to meet your deadline and budget.

Packaging Design |

Creating design that sells! How often the customers notice your product relies on the look and feel of the packaging. Materials you choose will influence product costs along with shipping costs. We can help you to come up with the most innovative, effective, and eye-catching design for your products. Packaging matters! Make your packaging stand out and appeal to your audiences!