Flexible Packaging Overview

Packaging redefined!

Flexible packaging provides a great list of benefits when it comes to packaging. At Blu-Zone, we provide high quality rotogravure printing up to 9 colours, and will work with your to provide the best possible solution for your new products, or upgrading to an existing package.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging |

  • Save on label cost and associated labour cost.
  • Provide superb high quality rotogravure printing compare to Flexo printing.
  • Save on transportation cost with light-weighted material and compact final product.
  • Reduce transportation-related energy, fossil fuel consumption, and pollution to the environment.
  • Reduce landfill discards because it start with less waste in the first place.
  • Incorporate best qualities of paper, plastic film and aluminum foil to provide a wide range of protection.
  • Extend shelf life, provide barrier protection, ease of use, resealable function.

Digital Flexible Packaging Printing |

Digital printing is a great way if you only need a small quantity of runs. It’s great for trade shows and for trial runs. Check out our Digital Printing section to get further details.

With flexible packaging it’s versatile, customizable, and sustainable. It’s a great way to consider this type of packaging for your new product. Or simply consider upgrading from an existing package.