FAQs Overview

Packaging FAQs

Whether you are new or experienced in packaging industry, there can still be questions considering each packaging company is different. Below is a list of most frequent questions you’ll encounter when working with Blu-Zone Packaging. We strive to provide informative answers to your concerns and want to provide worry-free experience at Blu-Zone Packaging, if you do not find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at 604-505-1856 or info@bluzonepackaging.com.

How long can I get my final product? |

For new projects, the production time is between 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Once the products are done, you can have all or partial by air shipment (additional charge applied). Otherwise, ocean shipments take 3 weeks from Asia to Vancouver.

How do I pay? |

We usually require an initial deposit at the time the order is confirmed and the balance upon receipt of final goods. You can either send us a cheque or through wire transfer.

Are you able to provide mock-up samples? |

Yes, mock up service is available at Blu-Zone Packaging. Additional charge may apply. Please contact our packaging consultants for details.