About Blu-Zone

Packaging, for your need!

Blu-Zone Packaging is an energetic, and passionate group of young professionals that are dedicated in providing the best possible solutions for your packaging development. We are individuals with specialized skills that has experiences and knowledge in the industry.

We are a team based in Vancouver, BC. Along with the experiences and knowledge in the industry, our team are delighted to provide answers to your packaging needs. At Blu-Zone, we provide one-stop services from in-house design all the way to product delivery, with just one-stop at Blu-Zone, we’ll do the work and save you the hassle!

Our team continues to monitor the market trends, new technologies and regulations to meet our clients’ changing needs. At Blu-Zone, we believe in doing what we can to help the planet, with the perfect packaging for your product, you are doing your part too. Talk to us. Let’s make a difference!